See Click Fix

wrench-heart-blue-7db803b157d0487428138eaaf7f8a7a08358e64806fbd6d9dc1b8ae89fc22bfbSee Click Fix

This is the City of Allegan's customer service tool that allows citizens to quickly and easily report quality of life issues. Encounter a pothole? See a street light that needs fixing? Report it using the form below or download the See Click Fix mobile app for your smartphone via the Apple or Android App Store.

Citizens who report issues will receive an automated response letting them know that their issue has been received. Once an issue has been assigned, another email will be sent to provide a status update. Please note: not all issues will be able to be immediately fixed. Issues will be completed based on priority-level and budget status. We welcome citizen feedback and will be monitoring the application regularly in an effort to continuously improve its effectiveness.

If you have a specific issue that needs fixing, click here to get started.   If you would like to explore the map, start here