Water Utilities

Doug Sweeris, Water Utilities Director

Water Resource Recovery Facility

350 North Street
Allegan, MI 49010 

Hours: Monday through Friday, 7:00am - 3:00pm

For Water Utilities After Hours Emergencies, call Allegan County Central Dispatch at 269.673.3899.

For water and sewer service connections, disconnects, payments, and transfer of account names, please contact Danielle Bird at dbird@cityofallegan.org or 269.673.5511.

The Water Utilities Department consists of the following departments:

  • Drinking Water Plant
  • Potable Water Distribution 
  • Sewage Collection
  • Water Resource Recovery
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Dental Dischargers

Dental dischargers are required to complete and submit a one-time compliance report to their local sewer control agency. Dentists that are connected to the Allegan sewer system or that utilize the Allegan septage receiving should use this compliance report. Additional information can be found on the EGLE and EPA websites under 40 CFR part 441. 

Dental Discharger Compliance Form

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