Education Opportunities

Allegan  boasts multi-level education systems to guide community youth from the beginning of their educational careers up to a community college degree, providing them with foundational skills to enter the workforce or pursue further education. These educational assets provide involved stakeholders, including the City of Allegan, with an opportunity to bolster the existing system to further train and attract an ambitious workforce.

Allegan Public Schools & Allegan Area Education Service Agency 
Allegan Public Schools are currently composed of an early childhood learning center, three (3) elementary schools, L.E. White Middle School, and Allegan Senior High School. The curriculum taught in the Allegan school district is largely traditional, providing youth with the knowledge necessary to take the next steps in their education and career. Allegan Public Schools is a member of the Allegan Area Education Service Agency (AAESA), an entity that provides county schools with specialized education support staff, purchasing support, assessments, and other programs beyond the scope of a single district.

Allegan County Area Technical & Education Center
AAESA also operates the Allegan County Area Technical & Education Center (ACATEC). In conjunction with this education system, the public-school system has moved towards “job-ready” training. ACATEC works as a wonderful resource for students and all community members, offering nineteen (19) programs focused on employability for students in their Junior and Senior years of high school. The vocational training provided by this entity works to train to competencies, providing a launching point for youth to finish their training and enter the workforce following their education. Along with the programs offered to high school students, a number of training courses are open to adults in the community. ACATEC House Construction

Lake Michigan College
In addition to the vocational training offered at ACATEC, the Early College Allegan County program allows high school students to extend their high school education by one year in order to obtain both a diploma and an associate degree or Technical Certificate from Lake Michigan College at no extra cost.  Lake Michigan College also offers Associate Degrees, Certificate Programs, and a Certified Nursing Aide program to all community members.

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