Economic Development Plan

In the summer of 2020, the Allegan Economic Development Corporation adopted an Economic Development Plan to support community revitalization by actively engaging businesses, entrepreneurs, and talent throughout the community, and proactive planning for an innovative and burgeoning future. In order to achieve this vision, the following goals were formulated. 

1. Growth, Maintenance, and Emphasis of Biotech Industries
The largest employer located within the City of Allegan is the Perrigo Company, one of the world's largest suppliers of over-the-counter self-care products globally, followed by Ascension Borgess Allegan Hospital, placing the City of Allegan at a key intersection of health care and biotechnology. Due in large part to the presence of these two organizations, the City of Allegan's Economic Development Corporation seeks to promote the growth and maintenance of the biotechnology and healthcare companies, establishing Allegan as a hub of biotech and supporting activities. With the regional presence of Pfizer and Stryker, two additional medical technology and pharmaceutical companies, the City of Allegan is in a unique location to present expansion opportunities for the Perrigo Company and others in order to strengthen supply chain operations within the biotech space, as well as augment the local economy.

2. Expansion of Manufacturing Capacity

In addition to a strong presence of the biotech industry, the City of Allegan is home to a strong manufacturing base including companies such as Allegan Tubular Products, Inc., Fabricated Components & Assemblies, Inc., and RCI Adventure Products among others. The City of Allegan’s Economic Development Corporation has made it a priority to expand manufacturing capacity in order to provide the City and its residents with increased employment opportunities and an augmented tax base.

3. Improvement of Strong Downtown Service Industry
While the City of Allegan already houses many unique and successful retailers and restaurants, the Gibb’s Planning Group Retail Market Analysis identified an opportunity for support up to 77,500 sq.ft. of new retail and restaurants, producing an additional $26.0 million in sales by 2024. With the high level of daytime consumers coming to town for work, as well as the valued residents of the City of Allegan primary trade market, the Economic Development Corporation recognizes a need to strengthen the downtown’s service industry, providing additional retail opportunities in a broader array of industry niches. By increasing these commercial opportunities, a strong downtown business district can enhance the local quality of life, while also encouraging additional entrepreneurs to invest in the area. 

4. Leverage Recreational Tourism Features

The City of Allegan primary market is home to many beautiful natural resources such as the Kalamazoo River, the Allegan State Game Area, and the Allegan Mountain Biking Trail, as well as other recreational assets such as Cheshire Hills Golf Course, the Lynx Golf Course, and Bittersweet Ski Resort. Because of these features, the City of Allegan Economic Development Corporation has set a goal to increase and complement these features in order to entice additional recreational tourists. By increasing tourist amenities such as lodging, restaurants, and retail opportunities with an emphasis on sporting goods and hobby stores, there is an opportunity to enhance the local economy through tourist dollars, as well as increase the public health of the community through increased access to recreation and wellness assets.

5. Augmentation of a Strong Workforce through Education
The Allegan Economic Development Corporation has made it a goal to identify beneficial skill development programs both through extensive research, as well as conversations with local businesses to determine what job-training will create a valuable workforce in the City of Allegan. With this information, skill development courses and career-readiness programs can be offered in conjunction with local educational entities such as the Allegan County Area Technical & Educational Center. By promoting this workforce, the City of Allegan can realize great economic developments in the form of job attraction and retention, engaged community members and consumers, and more.

6. Creation of Housing Diversity
If the City of Allegan is to become a hub of economic development driven by an engaged, professional workforce, adequate and desirable housing must be created. By diversifying available housing in the City of Allegan to attract this market, a reverse in neighborhood decay and declining housing values will be realized as homeowners invest in their properties. Additionally, investment in the housing market will result in a stronger tax-base for the City of Allegan, allowing the City to allocate funds towards accompanying economic development efforts. 

To read the full Economic Development Plan, please click here.