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Introduction to the Historic District

Allegan's Historic District are the areas, structures, sites, or objects designated by the Allegan City Council. Historic Districts were established under Michigan's Historic District Act, PA 169. This Act requires the city council to appoint a Historic District Commission and adopt ordinances to review guidelines as laid out by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior. The Allegan Historic District Commission (AHDC) was established by the City Council in 1985, and consists of seven members as appointed by City Council. They oversee applications for changes in the Historic District and advise the Planning Commission and City Council in matters related to historic buildings or neighborhoods. Historic District and Site designations are designed to provide legal protection to these areas central to the historical and cultural identity of generations.

The AHDC reviews any and all proposed exterior work done to buildings in the historical district to help maintain the historical and cultural integrity of the building. They issue certificates of appropriateness for site plans, which are required before any exterior work can be done in the historic district. Building permits cannot be issues to properties in the historic district without these certificates.

Historic Districts and Sites are listed below, and can be seen on a map in the HDC Guidelines PDF towards the bottom of this page.


Historic Districts
Old Town
Marshall Street
Griswold Civic District
Priest Hill
Pritchards Overlook
Mill District

Historic Sites
Augustus Lilly House
Ira Chichester House
Higginbothan House
Sarah Lowe Steadman House
William Brown House
Yates House
Oakwood Cemetery Chapel
Beucher House

Historic District Commission Guidelines

Allegan Historic District Maps

Allegan HDC Certificate of Appropriateness Application- 2019
City of Allegan Historic District Survey - Estimated Completion Mid 1980's.

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