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Economic Development Services

Economic Development Coordination
Joel Dye, City Manager
(269) 673-5511 ext 229
• City owned land available for reduced price with demonstrated job creation and building investment - Assist in Michigan Economic Growth Alliance State Tax Credit process - Coordinate local resources including work force development and Michigan Economic Development Corporation and other granting organizations

Tax Abatement Services
Ravyn Schneider, City Assessor
(269) 673-5511 ext 225
• Abatements are available for 50% on new buildings and equipment for a twelve year period.

Building Inspection Services
Bret Rietkerk, Professional Code Inspections of MI
(616) 877-2000
• Building construction and zoning reviews to comply with local ordinances

Zoning Review Services
Kirk Scharphorn, Jr., Professional Code Inspections of MI
(616) 877-2000
• Zoning review services for new construction and uses

Fire Inspection Services
Bruce Hoyer, Fire Chief
Allegan Fire District
(269) 673-4459
• Fire inspection services based on the adopted fire code.

Brownfield Development Services
Joel Dye, City Manager
(269) 673-5511 ext 229
• Brownfield Redevelopment Services provides assistance in the clean-up of contaminated real-estate and provides an opportunity for State Single Business Tax (SBT) credits - EPA Site Assessment Grant is available to identify environmental challenges

Public Works Services
Aaron Haskin, Director
(269) 686-1115 ext 221 Street
•utility access and onsite meetings to locate public infrastructure, to assist in development

Historic Preservation
Kirk Scharphorn, Jr., Professional Code Inspections of MI
(616) 877-2000
• Review of historic preservation applications before submittal to the Historic District Commission. Also, assist in Federal Historic Tax Credit process, which may provide a dollar-for-dollar reduction of federal income tax liability

Waste Water Treatment Services
Doug Sweeris, Utility Facilities Director
(269) 686-1117
• Review any specialized waste water disposal needs, and provide clarity related to the city industrial pretreatment program

Water Treatment Services
Doug Sweeris, Utility Facilities Director
(269) 686-1117
• Review any specialized water quality needs

Downtown Development Services
Joel Dye, City Manager
(269) 673-5511 ext 229
• Facade grant program, marketing and other incentives to develop downtown properties

Police Services
Rick Hoyer, Chief of Police
(269) 673-2115
• Provide specialized police services including site safety and traffic control reviews

Allegan County Tourism Services
Nora Balgoyen-Williams, Director
(269) 686-5311
• Provide access to Pure Michigan and other Allegan Tourism Initiatives

Allegan County Land Information Services
Valdis Kalnins, Director
(269) 673-0518
• Provide land mapping services to the County of Allegan

Allegan County Transportation Services
Dan Wedge, Director
(269) 686-4529
• Provide public transportation options throughout the County of Allegan

Allegan County Health Department
Randy Rapp RS, Director
(269) 673-5411
• Provide soil and sedimentation, food service and other health related permits throughout the County of Allegan

Michelle Krcatovich, Talent Development Specialist
(269) 686-5079 ext 4176
• Provide work force training and employer counseling related to state training programs and funding opportunities

Allegan County Economic Development
Nora Balgoyen-Williams, Director
(269) 686-5311
• Countywide economic development services to assist business and municipalities in locating business in Allegan County.

Allegan County Clerk's Office
Joyce Watts, County Clerk
(269) 673-0450
• Provide business license services throughout the County of Allegan

Small Business Development Center, Region 11
Dante Villarreal, Regional Director - West Michigan
(616) 331-7486
• Provide business development services throughout the County of Allegan

Michigan Economic Development Corporation
Karen Hinkle, Business Manager
(517) 243-2362
• Provide State of Michigan contacts, tax credit and grant information to manufactures and other larger businesses

Allegan Area Chamber of Commerce
Tim Perrigo, Executive Director
(269) 673-2479
• Provide community information, benefit support and marketing opportunities for the Allegan Area

MSU Cooperative Extension Allegan County
Betty Blase, Director
(269) 336-3275 ext 23
• Provide business educational services, especially related to agriculture in Allegan County

SW Technical Assistance Center
Jan Campbell, PTAC Program Manager
(269) 385-0470
• Provide access to federal, state and local government procurement services in the region

Allegan County Senior/Veterans Services
Shelly Owens, Coordinator
(269) 673-3333
• Provide veteran service information for business start-up and employment in Allegan County

Michigan Economic Development Corporation
Ryan Kilpatrick, Community Action Team Specialist
(616) 430-8015
• Provide State of Michigan contacts, tax credits and grant information for businesses, specifically for downtowns and smaller businesses.

Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center
Brian Howard, Business Development Specialist
(616) 240-7950
• Provide business services to small to mid-size manufactures, including performance benchmarking, lean enterprise, market diversification and other assessment services

Debbie Gillespie, Director of Career Pathways and Community Education - Community & Business Services
(269) 926-4293
• Customized Training through Community and Business Services. We can develop a training program tailored to the needs of your business and deliver the latest in workforce training taught by industry-recognized professionals

Foreign Trade Zone 43 - Jan Frantz. Executive Director
(269) 962-7526
• Assists in reducing and coordinating taxes related to exports.