City Council Goals

Allegan City Council Goals


  • Expand the park along the Riverfront including the addition of a splash pad.
  • Fund the Asset Management Plan for our Utilities
  • Establish a City Council Study Session
  • Look into the elimination of One Way Streets and Conduct Overall Traffic Planning
  • Create a Long Term Plan for City Hall
  • Establish a Boat Dock
  • Improve Gateways into the City
  • Conduct More Code Enforcement
  • Create Less City Committees with Better Clarity
  • Integrate Better Technology into City Operations

 2018-2019 Goals


Goals In Progress

  • Create a 10 Year Capital Improvement Plan
  • Create a Downtown Traffic Plan
  • Create a Long Term Plan for the Dog Park
  • Create a Plan to Uplight City Facilities
  • Create a Plan to Improve Boat Access

Short Term Goals

  • Develop a Vision for the Brady Street Lot
  • Develop an Ethics and Rules Policy for City Council
  • Review and Study the Potential for a Single Hauler Refuse System
  • Implement New Leaf and Brush Pickup System
  • Renovate the Marilla Lounge of the Griswold Auditorium
  • Clean Up the Western Edge of the Riverfront
Long Term Goals

  • Improve City Gateways and Major Corridors
  • Develop a Downtown Streetscape Plan
  • Develop a Non-Motorized Transportation Plan
  • Create a New Street and Pedestrian Lighting Plan

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