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Allegan Wastewater Plant
Septage Receiving Station
Opening Summer 2010
The Allegan Wastewater Pl
ant septage receiving sta
tion will be located at
350 North St. in Allegan Michigan. The C
ity of Allegan is centrally located
in Allegan County. This location
will provide easy access from local
highways M-222, M-89, M-40 as well
as A-37. The Allegan septage
receiving station will be open from 7:00
a.m. until 4:00p.m. weekdays with
access available 24 hours a day to appr
oved septage haulers. The Allegan
Wastewater Plant will be capable of
handling 3-4 million gallons of septage
a year. The receiving station will be
located on the west side of the
Wastewater Plant. The drive in and th
e entire receiving area will be lighted
for night access. Access will be through the first gate on North Street, the
drive will curve around to the receiving
station. The receiving station area
will feature a 100’ x 150’ area for septag
e trucks and tankers to maneuver.
The receiving station will be set up
to allow the normal 3,000 to 5,000
gallon trucks to pull up to the station,
discharge and pull through upon exit.
Larger tankers and semi trucks will n
eed to turn around for exit. Gate one
will be equipped with an automatic ga
te with a card reader for entry and
sensors to open the gate for exit. The sa
me key card that is used for entry
will also be used at the septage receiving equipment for unloading of the
Once the truck is at the receiving
station the driver will connect his
discharge hose to a 4” cam lock on the
receiving station. The station will be
equipped with a JWC HoneyMonster for
processing of the septage. When
the truck is connected to the station,
the driver will need to swipe his key
card for activation of the system. If the
driver or company is not in good
standings, the truck will not be allowe
d to discharge. When the card is
approved the driver will only need to turn on the receiving equipment and
start discharging from the truck. The re
ceiving station equipment is sized to
handle a discharge of 300-4oo GPM. Once
the truck is empty, the driver will
turn the equipment off, disconnect the truck from the receiving station and
hose down spillage that might have
occurred. The receiving station will
feature a wash down hose and drain area at
the transfer site
. Each driver will
be responsible for cleaning the rock
trap on the receiving equipment after
they are done discharging. A dumpste
r will be provided for the debris
collected in the rock trap
. The card reader will then
print out a receipt if
needed. Haulers in good standing with th
e City will be allowed to use the
facility 24 hours a day through the use of
the key card at the gate access and
the receiving station.
Billing options are yet to be determin
ed. We are considering monthly billing
for services provided. If the hauler s
hould fall behind in
payment we would
then look at a prepay option. Rates fo
r discharge have not been set yet but
are estimated to be in the 6 cent
per gallon range for domestic septage.
Industrial septage will need to be appr
oved prior to disposal and cost would
be determined by cons
titution of waste.